In our mission to eradicate addiction, we have been in constant dialogue at various levels to persuade the government to adopt a policy that is completely against addiction. Sale of illegal liquor should be totally curbed and an effective control mechanism should be in place. As for the legal sale, government could at least discourage the liquor sale if not complete elimination of it. For the want of more and more revenue, government neglects the social problem and continues with the policy that encourages liquor consumption by increasing the targets for the revenue department.

Parivartan has been making an appeal to the government that the least that can be done is to decrease the targets instead of increasing them. This would result in control over liquor consumption in phased manner. Our efforts so far have paid well and we have seen the reflection of our demands in government policy at various levels.

Important land mark in Parivartan’s deaddiction work is reflection of Parivartan’s demands in the current deaddiction policy adopted by the state of Maharashtra declared in 2012

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