Liquor is one of the major issues in the spectrum of addiction, but tobacco is rather silent killer. Especially in India, people are so habituated with tobacco that at times it is forgotten that it is an addiction. Parivartan has been actively involved in spreading awareness about tobacco addiction, especially amongst the school and college going youngsters. Tobacco eradication campaigns have been carried out in schools and colleges at regular intervals and checking of students for addiction symptoms is also being done.

We have been organizing public awareness rallies highlighting the ill effects of tobacco and gutkha. On 31st May – No tobacco day – one such rally is arranged by Parivartan every year involving the school students.

At district level, Tobacco control committees formed by the district administration exist, but most of these committees are not active. Parivartan has been trying to mobilize these committees to address various issues concerning tobacco and gutkha. Law has been made to curb the tobacco consumption amongst the youngsters. It is illegal to sell tobacco to the children below 18 years of age, gutkha has been banned and sale of tobacco or cigarette within 100 meters radius of any school is prohibited. Parivartan has been taking all the possible efforts to ensure that there is no violation of the law. At the policy level, we have been insisting on making more stringent laws about tobacco consumption.

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