The method is the winner!
It has been observed that after identifying the addiction problem, people often tend to resort to the unscientific ways to deal with it and end up aggravating the problem further. Since its inception, Parivartan has taken a note of this and in all our programmes we have been vocal about the scientific methods to resolve the issue.
Parivartan clinic at Satara approaches the problem in two ways –

Out Patient Basis : Patients can stay at home and follow up regularly at our OPD services
Residential treatment of 1 to 4 weeks at Parivartan deaddiction center

The treatment starts with helping patients and their family members to appreciate the intensity and severity of the drinking problem. At Parivartan, we involve the family members of the patient right from the beginning as they play a key role in solving the problem. In next phase the detailed plan of de-addiction is finalized in consultation with the family members through extensive discussion with them. The founding principle of Parivartan is achieving the result through the collaborative efforts of the patient, family and Parivartan – the institution.
Here is a quick look at some of the techniques that we apply at different stages during treatment –

Motivational enhancement therapy Help patients to increase their motivation to battle addiction.
Cognitive behavioral therapy to enable the patient to win over the harmful thoughts.
Family counseling to keep the family members involved in the process and to make them support the process.
Marital counseling to talk openly and address the crucial issues that obstruct the happiness in marital relationship.
Skills training like anger management, stress management, how to say NO to drinking, managing finances, nurturing relationships, how to regain the lost social status, ways to find a job etc.
Recreational therapy to ignite and channelize the creative energies through sports, music, gardening and Yoga.
Relapse prevention techniques to handle the situations of extreme craving for alcohol even after completing the course at Parivartan.
The residential facility of Parivartan offers a stay away from alcohol in minimum restrictive atmosphere. We conduct regular yoga and music therapy sessions for our inpatients. We also provide library and gymnasium services to patients in residential facility.

We encourage ‘short stay’ at Parivartan on the high risk days like New Year’s Eve or Gatari (in the Marathi calendar, the month of Shravan has auspicious position and in this month people refrain from non-veg food and drinks. The day before beginning of Shravan is called Gatari when people indulge in non-veg and drinks before getting into one month’s abstinence). Even when a person feels irresistible craving for alcohol, he can come and stay with us until he wins over the desire. Patients are called for follow-up sessions to check whether they are on the right track. We also keep in touch with the family members. Parivartan has formed a group called ‘Parivartan Sakhi’ (Women friends of Parivartan) which works as a support group of women in handling the addiction problem.
Parivartan currently employs 6 trained clinical psychologists including a psychiatric social worker for all the indoor and outdoor activities. Support staff includes security officer, nurse, ward boy and medical officer.

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